Jean Hopper for Carmel

Jean Hopper a Democrat running for Carmel Town Board.  As a resident, Jean Hopper has focused on our community for 27 years. The mother of two Mahopac H.S. grads she has been a dedicated volunteer in the PTO, Girl and Boy Scouts, Friends of Drama, and Marching Band. In addition to her earlier experience in retail management, Jean currently works with children in our area school districts.

Jean has spent the past 3 years keeping a shrewd eye on the Town Board’s decisions, and raising questions about mismanagement of our tax money, lack of oversight over town agencies, and failure to plan for our long-term infrastructure needs.

Now Jean is committed to take her service to our community to a higher level as a candidate for Carmel Town Board – to bring her local experience and passion to solving the problems that concern us all. 

Jean Hopper has the fresh ideas and tough spirit to lead our town responsibly, and is focusing on the issues ALL Carmel residents care about - our wallets, our opportunities to shop and play locally, and our health - all while checking the reckless spending and irresponsible management that have plagued this one-party Board for the last 2 decades.

FB, Twitter, Instagram: @JeanforCarmel



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