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Union Place Update

We have received the following information regarding Carmada's recent efforts to revive Union Place from former Town Supervisor Frank Del Campo. While he is not affiliated with the Carmel Democratic Committee, we share his concerns about responsible development and encourage you to attend the March 6th meeting to learn more about this important issue.           


 Dear  Neighbors and Friends,

         I have been asked by many of my supporters who  gave me an opportunity to serve them as Supervisor  of the Town of Carmel from 1996-2003, to monitor closely the efforts of developer Paul Camarda to develop the 300+ acres the applicant designates as Baldwin Hills Realty,LLC(properties include,, 86.10-1-2+3, 86.11-1-4, 86.11-1-1, 86.14-1-7). These properties are adjacent to the Mahopac Farm along Route 6 and Baldwin Place Road and the length of Route 6 along the back ending at the Mahopac Post office on Route 6. During my tenure as Supervisor, I worked with the Town Board with many critical stakeholders to revise the existing Master Plan at that time.  The revision reviewed all the remaining un-developed  properties in the Town to make sure they were zoned appropriately  moving forward into  the new millennium.  The review included areas where water supply and septic issues were prevalent and , equally important, the  effect of further development on traffic flow. The revision took nearly three years to complete from 1999-2003.


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First They Came for Obamacare

More than 3.5 million people were enrolled in the New York State of Health in 2016 - the state-run healthcare program under the Affordable Care Act, widely known as Obamacare.  And there are unusually strong signs of a significant increase in sign-ups for 2017, as people who are worried about losing or being blocked from attaining reasonably-priced health care, flock to join.  Two weeks back – in the middle of the night - Republican legislators in both chambers of Congress, backed by a zealous president-elect, gutted critical provisions of Obamacare and limited its long-term funding. 


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Take Action! How to make a difference today - and tomorrow.

Ideas for resisting Trump's agenda are coming in from many sources. We will share them with you via the blog and Facebook. Join us!

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Act Now! Defend Democracy Event Comments

On the eve of the inauguration, Carmel Democrats and others concerned about Trump's policies and appointments crowded into Ramiro's to discuss practical, positive ways to fight back against attacks on our Democratic values. Many of those present were planning to attend marches in Washington DC, New York and Poughkeepsie. But we recognize that this is only a start. We will have to raise our voices and take action for the next four years. Here's a way it can be done. (My speech follows.)

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Algonquin Pipeline Update

Joint Statement on Spectra Energy’s ongoing Algonquin Pipeline Expansion

Submitted by Jerry Ravnitzky


•   Spectra continues with the expansion of the Algonquin Pipeline

•   Construction has been riddled with delays, cost overruns, conflicts of interest and environmental violations

•   Serious conflicts of interest and collusion between Spectra and the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) have been identified for every aspect of the expansion

•   Completion of pipeline construction adjacent to Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant poses a severe safety risk, endangering more than 20 million people

•   FERC approval of the expansion is being challenged in court; the lead plaintiff is the City of Boston, MA, and there is strong established legal precedent

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For Trump, The Price is Right

When all the ballots are finally counted, Donald Trump will lose the popular vote by almost 3 million, but still win the Electoral College - and the election - on the strength of surprisingly strong support from middle-age rust-belt “patriots” in three critical states: Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Left behind by a shifting economy and threatened by a fast progressing society, these working-class whites are in for quite a surprise.  Not only has Trump made promises he has no intention of keeping, but the sense of collective support Americans have come to depend upon since the inception of the New Deal is now threatened with extinction. 

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Can Our Democracy Survive Trump?

In a world rife with despotism and tyranny, the United States enjoys a democratic form of government. Laws apply equally to all; citizens are allowed active participation through free and fair elections; individual human rights are zealously protected; and, in contrast to a dictatorship, the people can control their leaders through a representative form of government and oust them without the need for a revolution.

Donald Trump refused to say whether he’d accept the election results if he lost. He’s proposed widening libel laws, deliberately curtailing the freedom of the press. He’s vowed to ignore the First Amendment and ban Muslim immigrants, and to close down mosques. He’s threatened to punish women and physicians who participate in abortions. He’s promised to turn the war on terror into an excuse to discriminate against people on the basis of religion, race and nationality. He’s refused to confront bigotry and violence perpetrated in his name. He threatened to “lock up” his opponent if elected, raising the possibility of using the office of the presidency to suppress reasonable dissent. And American foreign policy is already seen as a coming disaster throughout the free world.

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A Moral Compass - No More

Despite garnering almost 2 million more votes than Donald Trump nationwide, Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential race.  Like so many of my fellow Democrats, as well as many Independents and rogue Republicans, I’ve been feeling down and on edge since Election Day, unsure of the political realities we are about to face. Yet, I’m sure that nothing I feel can compare to the sheer terror that is being felt by millions of Hispanics, Muslim-Americans, African Americans, Asian Americans, undocumented immigrants and people with differences.  How frightening for them that so many whites in this country voted for a candidate who views them with such disregard.

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Will the Real Donald Trump Please Stand Up

November 10, 2016

This article is not going to talk about the raw and real emotion of this election, as that is well documented elsewhere. In the past few days many of my friends have reached out to me for answers. Why did his happen? What do we do next?

 So this is me being rational and open minded. There is a possibility that this won't be as bad as we fear. But what would that take?

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