Rebecca Swan for Putnam

Rebecca Swan for Putnam County Legislature D5

Rebecca has spent her entire life championing for people.  Rebecca put her life on hold during college in order to help desegregate Providence, RI; empowering thousands of individuals in struggling communities. After returning to school and obtaining a master’s degree from Columbia University, she worked as a professional social worker serving individuals with substance abuse issues and their families. Rebecca’s dedication to her community has only grown over time.

Rebecca is running for County Legislature to make sure the County is working for all of its residents; those who grew up here, those who chose to make it their home, those with political power, and those without it. After a lifetime of improving communities and helping their residents, Rebecca is ready to invest her time into the people of Putnam. She will work hard to ensure everyone gets the services they need and deserve across the County.

“I put my time and passion in what I believe in, and I believe in people.”

When elected, she will put this energy to work for you.

Rebecca is running because Putnam deserves better - better planning, better decision making, better consideration, better representation.

You deserve better...

Better access to healthcare with clear points of access.

Better access to the outdoor recreation opportunities Putnam County has to offer.

Better public transportation and easily accessible route information.

Better hiring practices for County professionals. Better oversight over the County budget to prevent more wasteful spending and tax increases.

Putnam deserves better. You deserve better. Vote for Rebecca Swan for Legislative District 5 on November 5, 2019.

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