National Perspective

The Town of Carmel Democratic Committee

These are the current issues and evolving needs that we believe are crucial in our community, in our state, and in our nation.

  • Elected officials are the servants of the people; they must conduct the people’s business honestly, openly, responsively, efficiently and ethically.
  • Putnam County government should deliver services efficiently and make best use of all facilities throughout the county.
  • We demand that our county’s eroding road and bridge infrastructure be repaired and upgraded to ensure safety.
  • Public transportation should be available throughout the county to trains, shopping and medical, governmental, and recreational facilities.
  • We are committed to responsible development that protects our environment. 
  • Putnam County government should facilitate the development of small businesses and should recruit companies or institutions that would offer full-time employment opportunities in the county.
  • Institutional programs of higher learning should be established in Putnam County.
  • We support and encourage the development of community-based programs to help adolescents transition to adulthood and the world of work, such as mentoring, apprenticeship and parent education training.
  • We propose the creation of locally based community centers which offer healthy and stimulating group activities that provide for the emotional, social, and intellectual growth of our youth.
  • The county should coordinate resources and programs that would prevent and treat substance abuse in our county.
  • Seniors should be offered opportunities to socialize, exercise, and be involved in educational and community activities.
  • Workers have the right to a safe work environment; to be protected from sexual and other forms of harassment; and to earn equal pay for equal work.
  • We support the right of employees to form unions.
  • We support a living wage for all local employees, and we encourage the adoption of living wage standards by all local businesses and institutions, regardless of size.
  • Affordable child and senior care, based on income, should be available to all.
  • We support the Equal Rights Amendment, affirmative action, and a woman’s right to choose.
  • Crimes of sexual harassment or assault must be prosecuted in a timely manner. 
  • Putnam County should protect and preserve unique features, such as historic structures and natural and recreational resources that can contribute to tourism.
  •  We strongly encourage local government to promote the restoration and rehabilitation of abandoned and underutilized buildings.
  • We encourage the construction of affordable housing units in walkable communities.
  • Water and air quality standards should be based on the best scientific knowledge and be strictly enforced.
  • We stand for significantly reducing, and eliminating as quickly as possible, our dependence on fossil and nuclear fuels.
  • We are committed to renewable energy and the sustainable production of food and other basic necessities.
  • Genetically modified food should be labeled.
  • Gas or oil pipelines and train hauling of oil, natural gas, and other hazardous materials should not be permitted without prior independent health and safety impact assessments.
  • We are committed to the banning of fracking.
  • We believe that the terms of any proposed agreements and treaties should be openly discussed, especially those that may be detrimental to health, safety, jobs or the economy.
  • We support a national universal health care system that emphasizes prevention and informs medical research.
  • We support our veterans’ rights to medical, mental health, educational and vocational rehabilitative services.
  • We are committed to preserving and improving Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
  •  We encourage cooperation and dialogue between law enforcement and community members.
  • We support strong, responsible, and strictly enforced gun control laws.
  • We believe that the composition of Putnam County law enforcement agencies should be diverse.
  •  We oppose the militarization of law enforcement agencies.
  • A progressive tax system should apply to all forms of income.
  • We call for the reversal of Citizens United.
  • We promote the expansion of voting opportunities with a goal to achieve 100% participation.

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